Weight loss management

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Your Weight loss Program-Your Perception-Your Reality

Your weight loss program goals and your weight loss program expectations come from your perception which is your reality.  Your state of mind and desire to change come from within your belief(s) and your associated health issues.  If you have poor sleep or depression or chronic pain, this can move you further away from your weight loss goals.  Lack of movement can lead you to poor bone density and increase your total body pain. Your weight loss coach works with you to gain your trust and your confidence.  Your weight loss coach will show you the advantages of novelty and variability by identifying and removing movements that exacerbate pain while still achieving success in your movements.  Focusing on what you can do instead of focusing on what you cannot do or what causes you to have pain in a movement or exercise.  Your weight loss coach will ask you to focus on awareness of muscle groups and movements to develop muscular endurance before focusing on your muscular power and your muscular strength.  Your weight loss management coach will ask you to focus on the quality of your movement patterns before asking you to focus on repetitions and weight bearing load.  Your weight loss coach will ask you what you can do with your symptoms and your limitations.  You will then begin to build your “I can” belief system and “I can” self confidence around your “I can” successful motion with your weight loss coach.  You will trust the process of reaching your attainable weight loss goals with the support of your weight loss coach.  Positive changes in your brain perception and your brain chemistry will lead you to improved movement, confidence and efficiency as well as decrease your perception of threat or painful motion.  Your brain's perception of feeling better, moving better, moving more will transform your power in your personalized weight loss management program.  Your weight loss journey begins with a single step.  Your weight loss management coach will ensure that your first step is well taken by you and personalized for your success, desires and goals.  You will embrace hope that real change is possible for you.  You will focus on your opportunities rather than your obstacles.  Your weight loss coach will help you  build your confidence that realistic, attainable and relevant goals can be reached by you.  Your weight loss coach will find the right starting point for your success, which is essential in your weight loss management journey.