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Access to our private membership support community

Share your stories-uplift and support each other on your weight loss journey

Friendly community

Join our community of like-minded people. Share your story via personal blog and get support from others in our community. We strive to keep our community healthy and safe by keeping it non-toxic and private to members only.

Food tracker diary with reports

Create your custom tailored food plan here and track your progress with reports to stay on track with your weight loss goals

Track calories with ease

Use our food tracker to enter your food. Our large database, provided by FatSecret, lets you know exactly how many calories you consumed as well as critical nutrients (fats, carbohydrates and protein) to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Inspirational and motivating coaching videos

Get motivated

Watch these videos anytime you want extra motivation or inspiration to keep a positive, healthy mindset

Stay connected to your trainer with our messaging system

Personal communication

Ask questions, get advice and stay inspired as you achieve your goals. You will always have continued support through our message system. You can message your trainer anytime to stay connected and motivated as you achieve your goals.

Your trainer reviews your form and technique

Make it right

Worried that you are doing an exercise wrong? Record it! Your trainer will review your video and send you feedback on your form and technique.

Members only access to webinars

These webinars are designed to give you extra education, answer questions and give you support along your weight loss journey

Webinars to keep you engaged

Your trainer, Pam Markee, has special webinars for members only. Webinars are held regularly and members have unlimited access to all the recordings.


Achieve your end game goals and reach your personal best with measurable results!

Achieve your goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timebound
Achieving your goals is easy with SMART goals. Hold yourself accountable with our systems regular reminders, thorough instructions and progress graph. Stay connected and you will achieve your goals.

Dashboard Notifications keep you on task to reach your end game goals

Be notified on everything

Whenever something important happens - trainer messages you, a new interesting quest arrives or you need to measure yourself again - our friendly dashboard will make sure you won't miss a notification! And for the most important ones, we'll also send an email.

See your results faster with body measurements

Better measurements

Keeping progress is impossible without regular measurements. But we made it as simple as possible and included instructions on how to do it.

Structured exercise progressions

You will get weekly exercise sets structured in logical progressions so you can work at your own pace

Track every day

There are workouts for you every day - Track your daily progress and know exactly what task needs to get done and recorded.

See your week at a glance

Analyze the whole week

Nice overview of how your week is going - get motivated by streaks and catch fallout early! All data is automatically displayed on a chart, showing how well you did over last 7 days.

Side quests are a fun way to help you reach your goals

Quests make it interesting

Get personal quests from your trainer - everything from restructuring your nutrition to perfecting your form and technique on an exercise specific for you!

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