Weight loss management

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Weight Loss Management Program and Chronic Pain

Your pain is both a sensory experience as well as an emotional experience.  It is connected to your actual and your potential tissue damage.  You may fear physical activity as you connect your pain experience to movement. Chronic pain is pain that has stayed in your body for 3 months or more or intermittent pain lasting for 6 months or more.  Your tissue hasn’t healed like normal tissues heal and therefore your pain is classified as “chronic pain.”  If you have acute pain you will experience it now.  Acute pain is immediate pain that is happening to you now, in this moment.  Acute pain stops you in your tracks.  Your pain is there for a reason.  Pain receptors send out signals that tell you to “stop doing that.”  If you continue trying to push past the pain you may cause more damage.  “Red flag” pain is pain that keeps you up at night or wakes you up out of a deep sleep.  Red flag pain is pain that your body doesn’t rid itself of with ice or heat and lasts for more than 6 weeks.

When you have inflammation, you experience pain in your whole body and oftentimes swelling in your joints and tissues.  Your body releases chemicals to reduce toxic substances in your body which leak into your tissues causing swelling and stimulate you to have nerve pain.  Your inflammation is system wide and can cause you to have permanent nerve, tissue and joint damage if left unaddressed.  Your weight loss nutrition program and your weight loss coach will guide you to reduce your whole body inflammation with nutrition and thereby reduce your pain.  Your inflammation is system wide, total body, all though you may experience more pain in one particular part of your body, such as knee pain or pain in your hands and feet.  Reducing your inflammation with your weight loss nutrition program reduces your whole body global pain.  Your total body transformation starts with your custom tailored weight loss nutrition program.  

During exercise you may experience pain or discomfort.  There is a fine line between discomfort and pain.  Being uncomfortable is ”ok”  but experiencing acute pain is not “ok.”  Your weight loss management coach will expertly guide you through your custom tailored program to minimize discomfort while still keeping you on track with your exercises.  Your will and sustained efforts and your weight loss nutrition program are what will take you to the goals you set in the very beginning with your weight loss coach.  Combining your weight loss nutrition program with your weight loss exercise program gives you the most value and results to transformalize and reach your attainable goals.