Weight loss management

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best veggies for weight loss-Grilled Asparagus


- 1 washed bunch of Asparagus

- Season-All

- Cracked black pepper

- Avocado oil


Serve the best veggies for weight loss.  Wash the Asparagus and snap off the bottom of the shoot.  It will break off where the tough part meets the tender part of the shoot.  Place them on a cooking sheet or pan drizzle the Avocado oil over all asparagus so it is evenly coated with the oil.  Use high heat oil like Avocado oil when grilling as it can hold up to the high heat and has a high smoke point.  Olive oil will burn. Sprinkle the Season-All (or you can use sea salt) and cracked black pepper over the asparagus to taste. Grill at 350 degrees for about 5-10 minutes turning one time during the cooking time. You should be able to prick the asparagus with a fork.  Asparagus should be slightly firm and not mushy.